Our People


Ann Brice, First Wilson Properties
Dr. Frank L. Eagles
Don Franks, First Wilson Properties
Gloria Freeman
Tom Hackney, John Hackney Agency
Diana James
B. Perry Morrison, Jr., Morrison Law Firm, PLLC
Rev. Marty Stebbins, St. Timothy’s Episcopal Church
Hal Tarleton, Habitat for Humanity
Melodye Tomlin, BB&T
Verona True
Buck Yelverton, Jr.


President – Dr. Frank L. Eagels

Vice President – Buck Yelverton, Jr.

Secretary – Diana James

Treasurer – Melodye Tomlin

Past President – B. Perry Morrison, Jr.

Ex-Officio Members:

Kathryn Ferrari Bethune, Executive Director

Lu-Ann Monson, City of Wilson

Committee Structure: Creating an Impact

Preservation of Wilson has an active Board of Trustees where all members agree to serve on at least one committee. Committee members do not need to be a member of the Board of Trustees. We encourage individuals to get involved in an area that they find the greatest interest. Allowing non-board members to work on committees is an excellent way to retain interested volunteers during the lapse period if they have served six years, our term limit. With a lapse of one year, a person may be reappointed.

Marketing – To promote interest locally, regionally and nationally.

Ann Brice
Diana James
Hal Tarleton
Rosa De Perlinghi
Jerome De Perlinghi
Jami Solli
Diane Webb

Finance – To promote Preservation of Wilson’s financial security.

Garland Homes, Jr.
B. Perry Morrison, Jr.
Dr. Frank L. Eagles
Angela Zimmerman
Tom Hackney

Properties – Real estate activities to market and sell properties in the historic neighborhoods to preservation minded buyers.

Ann Brice
Ed Etheridge
Sharyn Hardister
Don Franks
Lu-Ann Monson
Jerome De Perlinghi
Tripp Vaughan
Trish Province
Jay Province
Randy Deans

Visioning – To help develop a revitalization program which encourages and promotes economic development while creating safe and aesthetically pleasing neighborhoods.

Buck Yelverton, Jr.
Ken Jones
Bill Colon
Gloria Freeman
Natalie Garrett
Melodye Tomlin
Verona True
Betty Lou Walston
Melanie Womble
Rev. Marty Stebbins

Visual Improvement – To develop a program to manage the visual changes in the historic districts.

Holmes Smoot
Charles Barnes
Eliza Stephenson

Hospitality - Much of Preservation of Wilson’s refreshments costs are reduced by volunteers preparing food and drink.  This committee oversees the menu planning for our special events.

Martha Lane Camp
Tony Dingess
Dr. Frank L. Eagles, Executive Committee Representative
Pam Grawburg
Sandra Homes
Garland Homes, Jr.
Betty Lou Walston

Administration – To assist in the effective and efficient management of the administrative duties for Preservation of Wilson.

Volunteers at Work!


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