Preservation of Wilson has an active Board of Trustees with many committees. One does not need to be a Trustee to be on a committee. We encourage individuals to get involved in an area they find the greatest interest.

Here is a listing of our current committees:

Community Reinvestment
Properties SuperCommittee (Revolving Fund Projects)
Garden Party & Cooking Team
Art Committee

If you would like to inquire about being on a committee and working your way into a Trusteeship, please let us know. For more information, contact Kathy Bethune at  252-234-7694  or info@preservationofwilson.com.

Thank you to our 2018 Preservation Team. We greatly appreciate your time and service to grow the preservation mission in Wilson County.

Derek Andrews
Drew Barker
Katy Barker
Sally Barnes
Katie Barrett
Stephanie Batten
Catherine Batten
Kathy Berni
Kathy Bethune
John Bethune
Jim Boggs
Bobby Boykin
Ann Brice
Robert Bryant
Agnes Cherry
Stan Corbett
Rena Corbett
Dana Corson
Jerome De Perlinghi
Rosa De Perlinghi
Randy Deans
Lacey Dlugos
Joe Dlugos
Dot Eagles
Frank Eagles
Leslie Flowers
Brent Flowers
Don Franks
Gloria Freeman
Chip Futrell
Rob Gauthier
Karen Gliarmis
Scott Gordon
Bill Hamilton
Sharyn Hardister
Robb Hignite
Garland Homes, Jr.
ISCO Landscaping
Anne Joyner
Ches Joyner
Terry Klein
Ginny Lassiter
Vernon Mason
Jim McNamara
Margaret McRae
Perry Morrison, Jr.
Hunter Rascoe
Betsy Rascoe
Charles Robl lll
Ellen Russell
Sargent Russell
Betsy Russell
Omar Salazar
Matt Shaw
Susan Sheppard
Dave Sheppard
Gary Smolen
Holmes Smoot
Gaynell Stallings
Rev. Marty Stebbins
Andy Summerlin
Hal Tarleton
Ginny Tarleton
Liz Uditis
Joe Uditis
Tripp Vaughan
Anna Belle Vaughan
Stuart Walston
Starlette Walston
Betty Lou Walston
Buck Yelverton

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