Our Mission


Preservation of Wilson provides leadership in the revitalization efforts of Wilson County’s unique architectural heritage. As stewards of Wilson’s historic buildings, we actively promote historic, architectural, and culturally significant properties. Our efforts are to ensure that revitalized properties will contribute in the aesthetics of the community, increase the value of surrounding properties, and create a safe and welcoming environment.

The Mack Bass House, circa 1913, was saved and fully restored with the help of Preservation of Wilson.


We envision the future of Wilson County’s historic districts will offer residential areas:

  • That welcome people from all walks of life
  • That have a growing number of preservation minded property owners
  • That when there is a vacant and abandoned property it is viewed as an economic development opportunity
  • That tell the Wilson Story with its rich heritage and unique architecture
  • That are pedestrian friendly neighborhoods which offer a safe and comfortable place to call Home


  1. Recruit new owners to revitalize properties that are architecturally unique
  2. Promote interest locally, regionally and nationally
  3. Operate a Revolving Fund to be used in preservation real estate activities
  4. Foster Preservation of Wilson’s long-term success through on-going partnerships with other organizations

The Nadal House, circa 1916, is a Revolving Fund Project for Preservation of Wilson. When this house is sold we will replenish our Fund and purchase another house for stabilization. The end goal is to put it on the market and sell to a preservation-minder buyer.

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