The Works of Oliver Nestus Freeman

It is with great pride that we at Preservation of Wilson are able to recognize one of our own. Wilson County is privileged to claim Oliver Nestus and Julius Freeman, two master masons. One of stone and one of brick. In keeping with our mission, Preservation of Wilson has put together “An Inventory of the Known Work of Oliver Nestus Freeman, Celebrating Wilson’s Historic, Architecturally and Culturally Significant Properties.”

Oliver Nestus Freeman was born in 1882 as the son of a former slave, Oliver Nestus Freeman like many other African-Americans in Wilson, NC found few opportunities. Educated at the Tuskegee Normal School in Alabama, Freeman returned to Wilson and helped construct a number of houses to help alleviate the shortage of housing for soldiers returning from World War II.

Known Work of Oliver Nestus Freeman

Research by Ellen Fletcher Russell

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