Celebrating Local Investment in Downtown

Michael Sargent admits that two years ago he had serious doubts about his wife’s insistence to buy a two-story vacant building in historic downtown Wilson.

“I’ve got to tell you, the first time I walked into 117 Goldsboro, it was disgusting, and I thought, ‘What in the hell did we just buy?’” he recalled with a laugh. “But Mary and her mother had a vision and it sold itself, and I think 130 Goldsboro will do the same.”

Michael and Mary Elizabeth Sargent partnered with the latter’s parents, Anne and Conrad “Whitey” Odden, to renovate the property at 117 Goldsboro St. As Michael said, Mary and Anne took the lead on outfitting the space with uniquely modern yet nostalgic touches and a rich wood facade that captivated onlookers. In fact, their vision was so compelling that when Michael’s parents, Dick and Mary Sargent, wanted to get a taste of restoring downtown Wilson with a property at 219 Barnes St., the property had tenants before they swung the first hammer.

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