October Newsletter

Preservation of Wilson
October 2019

The National Trust for Historic Preservation brings us This Place Matters! This Place Matters is an awareness campaign to learn more about the Wilson Story with its rich heritage and unique architecture. As our camera travels through the historic districts, we will introduce you to some of the homeowners living in these special places.

Jacob Tomlinson House

Meet Chip Futrell and Jim Scarborough, owners of the Jacob Tomlinson House on Broad Street. The house was built in 1915 for Tomlinson who was a wholesale merchant. This Colonial Revival is one of the Broad Kenan Historic District’s most prominent houses. Chip and Jim moved to Wilson from Raleigh just for this house and it has been home every since.

A Message From The Owners

“We moved to Wilson in 2009 after searching for a historic home for many months. When we first saw this house, we knew this could be our home. Everyone in Wilson has been welcoming and interested in our efforts to preserve this magnificent house. Both of us are happy to be part of the ongoing efforts to save Wilson’s historic properties and the descendants of Jacob and Nannie Tomlinson have been so very generous with sharing photos, stories and even giving us the original deed to the house. We look forward to many more years in Wilson.”

Volunteers of the Month
Anne Sauerborn Joyner & Betsy Peters Rascoe

Anne Sauerborn Joyner and Betsy Peters Rascoe at the Nadal House during the 2017 Nadal House Howl-o-ween Dog Costume Party.

This dynamic duo have been instrumental in raising awareness of Preservation of Wilson to Wilson’s millennial population. Betsy and Anne care deeply about Wilson and their leadership skills are making a positive mark in our community. As many local non-profits have benefited from their talents, we at Preservation of Wilson sincerely thank Betsy and Anne for sharing their unique gifts with us!

How long have you been in Wilson?
Anne is originally from Tarboro and moved to Wilson in 2014 when she married Ches who was her pre-school friend!

Betsy was born and raised in Wilson, then moved to Raleigh for college. She moved back to Wilson in 2014.

How long have you been with Preservation of Wilson?
Betsy has been a member of Preservation of Wilson since 2014 and Anne since 2016.

What capacity have you worked in Preservation of Wilson?
2018, 2019 & 2020 Co-Chairs of the Art Show held at the annual Garden Party
2019 – Member of the Fundraising Committee (Anne)
2017 Co-Chairs of the Nadal House Howl-o-ween Dog Costume Party
2018 – present, Board of Trustees (Betsy)
2017 – present, Member of the Marketing Committee (Anne)
2017 – present – Social Media Manager (Anne)

Quote about the importance of Preservation of Wilson
“Preservation of Wilson is important because the organization raises awareness about historic homes in Wilson. The historic district is overflowing with homes that give Wilson a lot of its charm and character. A vast array of architectural styles can be spotted throughout the historic district which is unique to Wilson and these homes must be appreciated, respected, and maintained. Preservation of Wilson is the ultimate fan club of these great homes. Our dream for Preservation of Wilson is that it becomes more of a well-known fixture in the community with members ranging from all ages – all ages coming together to share a love for historic architecture.”

Fun Fact
Anne & Betsy are both artists, love scrabble, and live 5 houses down from each other!

Where can you typically find this dynamic duo?
A perfect Saturday for Anne and Betsy would consist of a morning date at Rummage Warehouse (grab a coffee at Tigs), lunch at Brewmasters, followed by a few drinks with the boys (Ches, Hunter and Camp) at 217 or DPH.

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