Motion Daughter Duo Restores Historic Building

Congratulations to Mary Sargent and her mom Anne Odden for being another local Preservation of Wilson family taking part of the Downtown Turnaround. The two-story building at 117 Goldsboro St. in downtown Wilson has had a variety of tenants since 1915 including bakeries, tailors, artists and attorneys. A mother-daughter duo is renovating the property in hopes that the industrial chic space will provide the foundation for many more professionals to come. “The loft could be an artist studio, a professional’s office or a living room,” said Mary Sargent. “It is a completely different concept than other downtown buildings. It is a very flexible space.” Sargent is taking on the project with her husband and parents, but Sargent and her mom, Anne Odden, are making the bulk of the design decisions. And that included removing about 3 inches of plaster on the walls, the street-level facade and downstairs floor to make way for about 1,700 square feet of space complete with a sprinkler system.

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