Our People

2019 Officers/Executive Committee

From left to right: Buck Yelverton, Dave Sheppard, Stephanie Batten, Chip Futrell and Brent Flowers. Not in photo: Joe Dlugos

Stephanie Batten, President, Merrill Lynch

Chip Futrell, Vice-President, North Carolina State University

Brent Flowers, Treasurer

Joe Dlugos, Secretary & Marketing Chair, Barton College

Buck Yelverton, Past-President, Community Leader

Dave Sheppard, Member-at-Large, Properties Chair, Community Leader

2019 Trustees

Dr. Rena Corbett, Barton College
Betsy Peters Rascoe, Design Dimension, Inc.
Omar Salazar, Rockinteriors
Jean Smolen, Community Leader
Tripp Vaughan, Vaughan’s Jewelers

Ex-Officio Member:
Kathryn Ferrari Bethune, Executive Director

Board of Trustees

From left to right: Omar Salazar, Kathy Bethune, Dave Sheppard, Gloria Freeman (former Trustee), Betsy Rascoe, Chip Futrell, Stephanie Batten, Rena Corbert, Tripp Vaughan, Liz Uditis (former Trustee), Brent Flowers & Buck Yelverton

Committee Structure: Creating an Impact
Preservation of Wilson has an active Board of Trustees where all members agree to serve on at least one committee. Committee members do not need to be a member of the Board of Trustees. We encourage individuals to get involved in an area they find the greatest interest. Allowing non-board members to work on committees is an excellent way to retain interested volunteers during the lapse period if they have served six years, our term limit. With a lapse of one year, a person may be reappointed.

Finance – To promote Preservation of Wilson’s financial security while being wise stewards of the funds so generously donated to this organization by its contributors.

From left to right: Brent Flowers, Gabe Farris, Omar Gonzalez, Rena Corbett and Chip Futrell

Brent Flowers, Co-Chair
Chip Futrell, Co-Chair
Dr. Rena Corbett
Omar Gonzalez
Gabe Farris

Properties – The Properties Chair will oversee the Community Reinvestment Committee and the Properties SuperCommittee.

Gary Smolen, Chair

Community Reinvestment Committee – To oversee the Visual Improvement Matching Grants Program and seek opportunities to enhance the visual appeal of the historic districts. The committee works in the field and will be eyeing any endangered properties and work with the Preservation of Wilson properties which have Protective Covenants Deed Restrictions.

Ann Brice, Chair
Jenn Ferguson
Richard Millinder
Tim Quick
Dave Sheppard

The Properties SuperCommittee – To handle all aspects of the Revolving Fund Properties. This SuperCommittee is divided into three committees with three members each.

Property Acquisition Committee – Identifies potential properties for the Properties SuperCommittee to pursue. They define a Plan for the feasibility of each property it is considering, including costs and any other considerations of acquiring the property(ies).

Ann Brice
Jean Smolen
Tim Quick

Property Stabilization Committee – After the property is acquired,  this committee implements the approved rehabilitation plan by hiring contractors and overseeing all work identified in the Plan.

Tim Quick, Chair
Omar Salazar
Open Position

Property Disposition Committee – Responsible for creating a marketing plan for selling the property and maintaining the property in selling condition, as defined by the approved Plan. This includes mowing, leaf blowing, and other ongoing maintenance. Marketing materials and Open House events are headed by the Property Disposition Committee and in working with Marketing Committee.

Sharyn Hardister
Julie Conoley
Tripp Vaughan

From left to right members of the Joint Properties Committee: Ann Brice, Jean Smolen, Dave Sheppard, Tripp Vaughan, Julie Conoley & Sharyn Hardister. Not in photo: Jenn Ferguson, Richard Millinder, Tim Quick & Omar Salazar

Marketing & Art –  To promote interest locally, regionally and nationally using the website, social media, media opportunities and other advertising methods.  We market Historic Downtown Wilson as a place to call home focusing on the properties we offer and those offered by local realtors. We look for creative ways to spread the word that Wilson has charming and affordable historic  homes, an uncomplicated lifestyle, an ideal location, two colleges, the state’s fastest fiber-optic Internet connections available in every home, tree-lined neighborhoods, five historic districts, a vibrant arts community and a roster of companies the envy to many metropolitan areas.  The Art Committee oversees the planning for the annual Art Show held at the Spring Garden Party each year, the Annual Garden Party and the Spring Letter Fest.

Joe Dlugos, Chair
Hal Tarleton
Matt Shaw
Gary Smolen
Anne Joyner
Andrea Roca

Garden Party & Art Show – The Annual Garden Party & Art Show is led by four outstanding co-chairs and supported by many members of the Preservation Team.

From left to right starting at top row: Doug Searcy, Anne Joyner, Bill Hamiliton: bottom row: Devon Stronach, Beth Seary and Betsy Rascoe

Bill Hamilton, 2019 Spring Garden Party Co-Chair
Devon Stronach, 2019 Spring Garden Party Co-Chair

Dr. Doug & Beth Searcy, 2019 Garden Party Hosts

Betsy Peters Rascoe, 2019 Art Co-Chair
Anne Joyner, 2019 Art Co-Chair

Field Work – This group is reserved for helping in the field when needed. This includes helping with signage and assisting when a truck is needed during each year.

Randy Deans
Stan Corbett
Omar Salazar
Derek Andrews

Past Presidents Committee – The Past-Presidents hold an annual breakfast meeting with the current President and Executive Director.

Bobby Boykin
Garland Homes, Jr.
Perry Morrison
Dr. Frank L. Eagles
Buck Yelverton

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