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An important goal of Preservation of Wilson is to foster long term success through on-going partnerships.  The Center City Partners Program offers the opportunity for organizations that have common interests with us to seek ways to strengthen our relationships, to support each other, to identify opportunities, and to stretch our limited resources.


Crossing the Tracks: an Oral History of East and West Wilson

Under the leadership of George W. Loveland, Director of Barton College Hackney Library, the Wilson community has: Crossing the Tracks:  an Oral History of East and West Wilson.  

In the spring of 2013, Barton students began interviewing individuals about social, cultural, political, and economic relations between residents of East and West Wilson; and how these relations have changed over the past sixty to seventy years. Below former County Commissioner Frank Emory is being interviewed by Barton student, Matthew Flint. This is just one of many interviews that have already taken place.

Tell us about the neighborhood you grew up in, how it and surrounding neighborhoods have changed over the years, and how these changes have affected the East Wilson community. We would like to hear about the schools you attended, what your teachers were like, and how you feel about the education you got. If you went to a church, we would like to hear about its influence on you, your family, and the community. And we would like to hear other stories about growing up in Wilson. No memory is too small; all are significant. 

interviewTo be part of this project and share your story, please email George Loveland at Interested In Sharing My Story or call 252-399-6501. To learn more about the program click here:  Crossing the Tracks

Deconstruction of the Wiggins-Hadley House

After marketing the Wiggins-Hadley House for over two years, and even with the help of This Old House Magazine, we were unsuccessful in locating a buyer to move the circa 1864 house. The house has come down to make way for the expansion of the Carolina Family Health Center campus, but the good news is we were able to salvage some of the historic features.

Through our Center City Partners – Habitat for Humanity and the Old Wilson Neighbors – there will be new life to many of the historic features. The Gold Harrell House now has new front double doors, newcomer Tony Solli will use the corbels in his courtyard and Habitat for Humanity’s ReStore now has several wonderful mantels, shutters and interior doors for sale.

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Fifth Sunday Community Church Service

Churches Coming Together
Barton College Howard Chapel @ 5 p.m. each fifth Sunday
Refreshments and fellowship immediately following the service.

“Celebrating life together in the spirit of Christ to bring us, our community, our country, and our world together as one!” Wilson County Churches coming together with music, prayer, fellowship and hope.

As a founding member of this community concept, Ken Jones shared a poem during a recent service:

Imagine life, if only…

If only we marveled at difference in people as we do the beauty of nature
If only we all understood the value/power to give a small part to create a greater good for all
If only we saw people as we see the beauty in the colors of the rainbow
… every person had an education and a job
… we respected and appreciated the blessed differences of each other
… we all worked unselfishly for the greater good of all people
… we recognized that we have all the elements on earth to have a peaceful, healthy and spiritually rich life
If only there were no crime, no hatred, no poverty, no hunger, no wars
If only instead of complaining we each took actions to help
If only every church worked together to bring the community together
In only we saw the character/spiritual image of a person and not the physical
If only we lived according to 10 basic Commandments

Can you imagine life, if only!

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