Working With Real Estate Agents

Preservation of Wilson welcomes the opportunity to promote interest in all historic properties in Wilson County. If you are a realtor and have a property on the MLS please following these instructions and we are happy to put your listing on our website free of charge.

You need to create a PDF file with listing info and pictures. You can do this by selecting your listing in Flexmls. Under reports, select “NCR IDX Report” and below that select “public” instead of “private.” This will give you a listing with pictures at the bottom.

Next you have to print the file and instead of printing, save the info to a pdf file. Select “print” from the row of commands just above the tab headings.

Press the “PDF” button at the bottom of the column. It will download the file to your computer in your Downloads folder. The downloaded filename should be visible in the lower left bottom of your screen. Click that and it will open the file in Adobe Acrobat and you can then give it a file name and save it wherever you would like. Send that file to Preservation of Wilson.

Be sure to send a photo of the front view of the property and size it at 150 x 113 or there about!

For more information contact Preservation of Wilson at 252-234-7694 or

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