Garden Party & Fine Art Show

As a contributor of Preservation of Wilson you will receive a special invitation to our annual Garden Party & Fine Art Show held the first Sunday in May and located in the gardens of some of the most beautiful southern homes.

Don’t miss this great event – Join on-line today!

garden party sign

2010 Garden Party Overview

Spring Letter Fests

Preservation of Wilson holds an annual Letter Fest in the Spring.  We gather in a social setting to promote interest in Preservation of Wilson. Located in a  private home, a newly renovated historic property or on the Barton College Campus, this event is somewhat like musical chairs –  folks move from chair to chair in order to sit in front of a new stack of letters with pen in hand.  We personalize these letters with notes to new and old friends of Preservation of Wilson. Invited guests are our Board of Trustees, Committee Members, and those donors that have made a gift of $100 or more.

letter fest


ken and jerome

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